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After the invention of computers, Tim Berner’s Lee has introduced the internet that connects the people all over the world.  In this modern era, people are using the internet for having fun, online shopping, messaging their friends abroad and so on. Being an owner to an organization, you could bloom your business through online marketing and by creating attractive websites through which you can advertise the services and products offered by you.

Everybody knows that the success and failure of a business entirely dependent on the effort by your employees and the ways through which you assess your employees.
You will be really fed up with the work of conducting interviews and checking the performance reports of a large number of candidates. Here is the great solution to your remedy by conducting assessment tests through online exam proctoring

Online tests and hiring process
On hiring a candidate, it is necessary for you to test their skills exhibited by them. After crossing the great wars of graduation, every person looks for a good job with handsome pay. Getting a job with handsome pay has become a challenging one in these days. Being a recruiter, you cannot conduct online tests in your space for all those applicants who wish to attain a chair in your company. Instead, you can conduct your exams through online proctoring.It is the most secure way of conducting your exams where the candidates could take their tests on their comfort zone like from home. 
Now you may ask, “How can I allow the people to take their tests at an ease and how can I identify whether they are cheating me or not”? The answer is very simple. As soon as the candidate logs in to your company website, the candidate’s details are authenticated with your administrative system and you can view the candidate taking the exam via webcam. This wonderful service reduces the cost and space needed by our company in conducting these tests. You can lock the account of a particular employee if he is indulged in any kind of malpractices during the examination.

  • Saves the time and systems needed to conduct the exams in the floors.
  • A high percentage of accuracy in catching the people who indulge in copying.
  • Secure web browsers.
  • Webcam supported service to capture the exact picture of the candidate’s activities.
  • As soon as the tests are over, you can view the scores acquired displayed at the bottom of your screens.
  • Ability to block the account if the candidate is not doing the exam in the right way.
  • You can schedule a plenty of exams in different seasons as per your requirements.
  • Automated saving of results.
  • The inclusion of guidelines in the allotted tests helps both you and your candidates attending your tests.
  • Through this service, you can connect candidates all over the world in writing exams for you.

Auto-saving options
Are you worried about saving the bulk results of your candidates after completion of their exams? Here the best way to solve your woes. Through these secure and innovative services of proctoring, the candidate’s confidential information and his scores are automatically authenticated with your personal computers as soon as the candidate logs into the exam portals. After every stage of online tests, the respective stores are automatically sent to your administrate servers of your office. From there it will be sent to your computers via the communication of IP addresses.

You may be still worried aboutcybersecurity issues during data transactions. This is also readily solved by these smart services by encrypting the scores acquired by the employees in the form secured data packages thereby preventing them from hackers who involve in the malpractices of changing their score in between. Such mischievous activities are completely blocked by and unauthorized persons are blocked from logging in to their exam portals and company websites. Nonetheless, a candidate is eligible for appearing the exam, his account will be automatically blocked and he/she will be unable to log in into your secured website platforms.

And one more interesting concept of this online proctoring system is that it is not only applicable to the candidates but also to you to monitor the candidates by being yourself located in remote areas like in your home or in a place located far away from your office. Another attractive feature is that this way of conducting exams helps you to pick out the eligible candidates from a huge mass instead of conducting several levels of interviews like group discussion, HR round, Operations manager round, and face to face interview. You can consolidate all the tricky questions you can ask in these levels and put them as a single online test with multiple questions that could test the real stuff of your candidates who aspire to work for you and your industry.

Moreover, the candidates feel a better experience and ambiance while attending their exams on their ease by sitting at home. This saves their time to search for the exam centers for attending their exams. Moreover, it reduces the pressure and tension both for you and the candidates on attending international exams.

In short, online exam proctoring not only help you in reducing your burden in conducting mass interviews but also help you in monitoring the people located in remote areas attending the tests uploaded by you in the web browsers. The advanced feature of face recognizing software enables you to block the candidates further in continuing with the exam.  You know that conducting interviews for a multinational company like you is not a simple task. You have initially looked for suitable locations, schedule timings to different zones, appoint a set of invigilators, and so on. But with the emergence of online proctoring, you could save your precious time on all these.So it is advised that every company or business must be aware of this technology and implement them in actual practice for hiring employees in an effective way. As technology is a user-friendly and a secured one, please build your systems and company infrastructure to support this awesome service.

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